NSX Rear Upper Ball Joint (Titanium)
[RRUBALL-TI] - $249.00


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The rear upper ball joint on the NSX offers a very unique challenge. While all the other outer ball joints are a "sleeve" style joint that can be pressed in, the rear upper is cast in the control arm itself.

Using our CNC equipment and some very specialized tooling, we have been able to make a fixture to secure the control arm for machining. This procedure allows us to remove the old joint and precision machine the control arm to receive our internal components, titanium shaft and hardware. The end result is an elegant solution with a joint that is servicable if every required in the future.

Transferal shipping will be applicable with this part. Shipping will be determined by total weight and destination.

It is our goal to offer the most highly engineered parts to service your NSX. You will not find anything of the quality we provide, on the market today.

Ball joints are sold individually
We only offer these if we install them. We do not sell them "loose" for consumer or shop install.

Note: These Ball Joints are not recommended if your car is lower than 1.5" and/or the joint is being forced beyond the original service angle it is designed for. Having a car that has a suspension set-up that is extremely low will put added force on all the suspension components and cause pre-mature wear or failure