NSX Front Ball Joint (Titanium)
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Since the new parts are no longer available or very scarce, we needed some options for many of the NSX's we service in our area. Originally, our idea we to make a matched version of the original. Once we took one apart to measure the geometry of the OEM part we realized there was some improvements to be made. The original part uses an inexpensive plastic liner that is crimped inside a metal housing. This is fine (like most cars on the road today) but I know most of you out there would like a better option. Especially those with lowered cars that tend to wear out ball joints faster. So we decided to start from scratch...

The development of the new ball joint started with 3 main characteristics. First, we needed a part that fit exactly as the original and maintained the stock suspension geometry. Second, increase the lateral load capacity (force on the suspension when cornering). Third, test and verify to maximize strength, corrosion resistance and longevity.

Over a 9 month period we have built many prototypes using various metal alloys, hardware and designs. We have studied the fitment and reviewed the overall performance of each. Here are the results of the final part...

1. Fitment: Not only do our ball joints file like OEM, they fit better. We have increased the contact surface of taper in the control arm to make sure they fit exactly. The OEM ball joints were only making about 70% contact on the taper of the control arm. Ours fits the taper 100%. Our housings fit as a direct replacement. No modifications needed. Also included is a custom Titanium Nyloc nut that we developed to replace the castle nut and cotter pin.

2. Strength: Our final product dramatically exceeds lateral load capacity of the OEM based on material testing. Why is that so important? The ability of the components to take such a high lateral load shows the high potential of extended longevity of the part under normal driving. It also shows ability to easily manage lateral loads in excess of anything the car would be put under in the most extreme driving conditions.

3. Test and Verify: Like we do on many of our products, we have gone to an all Titanium shaft and hardware set up. Titanium has the best strength to weight characteristics and is less prone to scaring and corrosion than steel or aluminum. It's a bit more costly to make but make a much better part. We also very closely measured the movement of the actual suspension to make sure the part worked through the operating range of motion. Our ball joint housings come with a premium Nickel based plating on them to increase corrosion resistance. Our goal was to build a part that lasts the entire life of the car.

Additional Benefits: 1. Our ball joint design will allow for easier service of the suspension by allowing you to leave the internal tapered shaft in the control arm and removing the apex bolt from the ball joint. This allows you to easily slide the control arm away from the knuckle without having to press or wedge the taper apart. 2. The cup that seals the bottom opening utilizes an oring that, once installed, prevents dirt and moisture from getting in and contaminating the lubricating grease inside. 3. Completely Servicable. If for any reason you need to replace any part of the assembly. They are all available though us.

Rubber Boot: We designed the ball joint to utilize the OEM boots from Honda. However, we are finding it difficult to source all the boots we need. There appears to be a limited supply of these. We do have an order in with Honda for enough for the initial batch but instead of depleting all the inventory of them, we have decided to make high strength urethane ones for future production runs.

Installation: We are only offering these Ball Joints if we install them. There is a very high risk of damaging the front knuckle and/or the ball joints if they are not removed and reinstalled correctly. We have machined special tools and press jigs to insure it is done safely and correctly. We are offering a special package to replace all 4 front outer ball joints. All you would need to do is send us your front knuckles.

Ball joints are sold individually.
We only offer these if we install them. We do not sell them "loose" for consumer or shop install.

Note: These Ball Joints are not recommended if your car is lower than 1.5" and/or the joint is being forced beyond the original service angle it is designed for. Having a car that has a suspension set-up that is extremely low will put added force on all the suspension components and cause pre-mature wear or failure