NSX Front XP Tie Rods
[XP-TIEROD] - $279.00



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We have been working on these XP Tie Rod replacements (along with some other XP suspension parts to come) for some time now. The original idea was to replace this OEM part with one that is of a higher quality and performance. In addition, the wearing parts (heim joint) can be serviced separately in the future if needed (at a much lower cost than replacing the entire rod).
Construction: The barrels are machined from 6061 aluminum and have been sized to exceed the strength of the factory cast material at 1/2 the weight. The hardware and taper are made from grade 5 Titanium and includes a special oversized nyloc Titanium nut (eliminated the castle nut). This material is very strong, light and more resistant to scaring than aluminum. This makes the connecting surface very strong. I have also had a custom boot made to keep dirt and moisture out of the joint for longer wear. The boot is a "split" design that can be installed after the tie rod is installed and aligned. Together the assembly is a direct replacement for the factory tie rod.
The total length of the XP Tie Rod is the same as the factory part. This makes it easier to do the initial installation/alignment. It is necessary to have the suspension aligned professionally after installation to make sure the car is set correctly.

Sold as a Set (1 Right and 1 Left Included)