NSX Rear XP Toe Links
[XP-TLINK] - $359.00



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Our XP Toe Links are designed as a direct replacement for the OEM toe links on the NSX. Over time, the factory part can wear causing a "sloppy" feel in the rear end of the car. This can also cause the car to not hold a proper alignment setting.

These XP Toe Links provide a more rigid solution by also eliminating the rubber bushing and going to a high strength radial arm.

These are constructed with 6061 aluminum barrels anodized in our signature gold finish and combined with our ultra-tough all Titanium hardware set and all Stainless Steel Ultra High-Strength radial ends. They also include full custom rubber boot kits for both ends to keep the joints clean.

These are sold in a set of 2 links that are made as a matched pair for both sides.

These are available in a solid inner mount for those with ridged/monoball control arms or as a bushing mount where the inner mount used a semi-ridged bushing for a sport feel.