NSX (NC1 2017+) CF Front Cowl Trim Kit
[NC1-COWL] - $2,400.00



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This Carbon Fiber front cowl trim kit for the NC1 is a stunning additional to the 2017+ Acura NSX. Our 3 piece kit perfectly covers much of the unsightly mechanical components under the hood while highlighting the unique shapes of the Second Generation NSX.

This Cowl Kit is constructed using only solid carbon fiber hand laid in a precise V pattern and cured in our autoclave under extreme temperatures and pressure to insure a ultra high quality part that is feather light and extremely durable. We never use any fiberglass or gel coat on the production of these components.

This kit is available in a Matte or Gloss surface finish and uses all the factory mounting location. The OEM radiator top mounts are removed and not used as our design incorporated these into the cover itself. **Parts are generally made to order and can take 10-14 days to complete.