Alcantara (Embossed) OEM Karma
[AM102] - $92.50



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Alcantara® is a premium synthetic suede material that is used exclusively by the most high-end luxury and sports cars manufacturers of the world. There is a reason why this material is chosen over all the others. The ultra-tight plush pile, U/V stable colors and fire retardant treatment make it vastly superior to other synthetic materials on the market today. This material is also prized for it's abrasive characteristics (helping you stay planted in your seats) and it's toughness against wear and scaring.

"Alcantara" has been used synonymously as a name for all synthetic suede materials. However, no other on the market can match the performance, feel and longevity that the genuine Alcantara® offer. We only sell genuine Alcantara®. Don't be fooled by other synthetic materials that may blemish or scar easily.

Alcantara® comes in a few different weight (thicknesses). We offer the "topic" and "cover" weight material. This material weight is the most versatile and can be used for all applications. It is thin enough (1.0mm) to be used directly on dash, door cards, headliners etc.. and can be bonded to a foam scrim to be used for seats and heavier wear areas.

Alcantara is 56" (144cm) wide and is sold by the running yard. If you buy a qty of 1, you will get 1 piece 36" x 56". If you buy 2 you will get 1 Piece that is 72" x 56" etc.

This material is black and has an embossed pattern on it. Please see the detailed images for scale and design.