NSX Super GT Mirror
[NSX-SGTM] - $1,999.00


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History of the Carbon 6, Super GT Mirror: This is a special project that we had worked on for over a year. Originally we had "shelved" the project because of all the specially sourced and manufactured internal parts needed and the cost for developing all the tooling to produce. After getting some exact measurements from DOME in Japan (Maker of the Super GT chassis) of the actual race spec' mirror and measurements from the Spoon mirror (from the S2000), We decided to make a "no compromise" part from scratch.

The Construction:
These mirrors are made from 100% carbon fiber with alternating orientation for maximum strength. There is no fiberglass in these mirrors at all. There is also no Gelcoat or any other polyester based top coat. By not using these gelcoats it reduces the weight by as much as 50%. It also makes the molding process very difficult and labor intensive. Gelcoats are generally used to create a thick top coat on carbon fiber parts. When gelcoats are used, it can make the surface look "milky" or amber in color. You can see from the clarity of the carbon fiber mirror housings, that no inferior resins or top coats are used.

The mirror housing and pedestal are made from 6 different molded parts. These parts are then trimmed in a jig and bonded together using a carbon fiber based adhesive. It takes approximately 2 weeks to mold, trim, and bond all the parts together. With a total of 12 different molds. The pieces are put in an oven to cure and coated with a UV protecting automotive clear coat.

The internal metal parts are made from Aluminum, Titanium and Stainless Steel.

The Function:
These mirrors have a full 4 way power actuator that is adjusted using your factory switches on the drivers door for both driver and passenger mirror. Just like OEM. The actuators assemblies were customs designed and built to fit the narrow housing. I also sourced the original plug and pin assembly to offer a clean "plug and play" install. They also have a full "break away" movement to prevent damage (again, like the OEM mirror)

The installation of these is very strait forward. The only parts you will need to transfer over to the new mirrors are the mounting nuts and the harness bracket that hold the harness out of the way of the door glass.

I will only be making 12 pair total (each piece is serial numbered inside) These work will on both stock body and wide body cars.