NSX Compliance Clamps Set
[NSX-CLAMP] - $179.00


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When the NSX was designed by Honda, there was a torsion style beam engineered that connects the leading mount for both the top and bottom front control arms. This beam is designed flex when the car is under cornering load or hits an obstruction (like a pot hole). Honda did this to make the steering more comfortable and transfer less of the feedback of the front wheels into the steering wheel. The other effect of this set up is that the front toe alignment can move around. This can make the front end "push" or "drag" in high speed cornering. The purpose of this clamp is to prevent the front beam from moving at all and giving the driver all the feedback from the front wheels. More importantly, it prevents the alignment from moving at all in high speed cornering and keeps the toe settings locked in.

These Compliance Clamps are perfect for anyone looking for a more crisp and accurate feel to the front end of their NSX. They are a "must" for anyone that tracks their car or does any spirited driving.

These clamps are machined in house on our CNC from 6061 aluminum and anodized with our signature bright gold. The installation instructions and special high grade hardware is also included.