NSX Front Brake Ducts
[NSX-BRDU] - $325.00


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These, all carbon fiber, brake ducts are a direct replacement of the factory deflectors that mount to the front lower control arm.

Our design also uses a third mount point on the control arm (like the OEM) to stabilize them from twisting under high speed or track use.

These are made from our proprietary NANO/Carbon Ceramic Carbon Fiber. Using the combination of Carbon NANO filament Fibers and a Ceramic additive cured under extreme pressure and temperature in our autoclave. This creates an ultra light and extremely rigid part. These Brake Ducts weight just 4.5 oz each.

The Brake Ducts are sold in a raw finish. There is no gelcoat or clearcoat on them. Just made as strong and light as possible. Grade 5 Titanium mounting hardware also included in our signature gold finish. These are sold as a pair (1 Right, 1 Left)

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