NSX Front Subframe
[NSX-TRY] - $599.00


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NSX Front Subframe
This product is in development and is scheduled to be available in April/2016.

This front subframe for the NSX was developed using the latest in high-tech Nano-Carbon Ceramic pre-preg Carbon Fiber. This all Carbon Fiber part combines the stiffness and strength of the most advanced composites on the market today.

This Carbon Fiber part replaces the metal frame that holds the battery and spare tire. While the part was not designed to have the spare tire re-used, we are certain it can be done. Sense this part incorporates some aerodynamic and weight saving advantages, we are assuming most will not be using their space saver spare tires with it.

As always, this part is cured in our high temperature, high pressure autoclave and does not contain any fiberglass or gel surface coats. It is made with 100% Pre-Preg Nano-Carbon Fiber.